cocktail collectives french 75 ready for a hens night
cocktail collectives french 75 ready for a hens night
Cocktail Collective’s French 75

There’s a definite thrill in being asked to host your bestie’s hens party.

While there’s the thrill of excitement in being given this honour, you may also be experiencing a rush of anxiety as you feel the weight of expectation on your shoulders.

A hens night is one of the most memorable occasions on the path to the wedding. It comes with a whole host of expectations, from the bride herself and from her invited guests. …

Mix up your traditional Margaritas and try something new. Whether it’s for International Margarita Day (22nd Feb in case you need to add that to your diary😉), Margarita Monday….or simply just for when a Margarita moment arises, these recipes will not disappoint!

Blackberry Grapefruit Margaritas (serves 2)

Image of Blackberry Grapefruit Margarita
Image of Blackberry Grapefruit Margarita
Photo credit @whatsgabycookin


- 6 parts Blanco tequila
- 6 parts freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
- 4 parts lime juice
- 1 part Gomme syrup
- Splash of sparkling water
- 5–10 blackberries, muddled
- Sprinkles or sugar or salt to coat the rim

How To:

Run a wedge of lime across the top of 2 cocktail glasses.
- Once damp, coat the rim in sprinkles or sugar or salt.
- Add all the ingredients except the sparkling water into a
cocktail shaker with a few cubes of ice.
- Shake for 30 seconds until chilled and then strain the margaritas
into serving glasses with new ice.
- Top with…

Like scones with jam and cream. Like gin with tonic. Like Beyonce and Jay-Z.

Some things are just made for each other.

When you’re enjoying a perfectly balanced cocktail, it’s like magic. All those ingredients were made to be mixed together exactly like that.

First things first

Like anything, a cocktail is only as good as the ingredients you’re using. That’s why we recommend only the best quality craft spirits, juices, and garnishes we can get our hands-on.

Tools of the trade

Image of Cocktail Collectives Espresso Martini Essential Ingredients
Image of Cocktail Collectives Espresso Martini Essential Ingredients
Cocktail Collective’s 3 piece Omaha Shaker, Jigger and Schott Zwiesel glasses

There are a few handy, basic barware tools we recommend if you’re serious about making top quality cocktails…

Image of Cocktail Collectives Classic Cocktail Boxes
Image of Cocktail Collectives Classic Cocktail Boxes
Cocktail Collective’s classic cocktail boxes

Everybody has one of ‘those’ people in their life — that tricky individual who is impossible to buy for. When a holiday or a birthday rolls around, you dread the hours it takes to find a suitable gift. You know that a pair of socks or some chocolate just isn’t going to cut it for this person and it quickly becomes all too much.

If only you could find something that solves multiple problems at once — delivery is taken care of, a unique gift that you know they’ll love, and something that they can share with friends and family.

Pink Ribbon Day Mocktail by Cocktail Collective
Pink Ribbon Day Mocktail by Cocktail Collective

When the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ asked us to join the Foundation and a group of influencers — such as Al Brown, Bluebells Cakery and The Caker — to help design an Instagram-worthy table that would inspire Kiwis to host their own Pink Ribbon Breakfast, we didn’t have to think twice. Breast cancer affects our mums, daughters, aunts, friends, colleagues and neighbours. It is indiscriminate, and we are firmly in support of doing what we can to help.

We put our mixing aprons on and got to work on crafting a Mocktail worthy of a place on a pink ribbon…

Cocktail Collectives essential ingridents
Cocktail Collectives essential ingridents

If you’ve stepped inside a cocktail bar recently, you’ll have noticed that craft cocktails are big business. Every bar worth their salt in bar snacks has a craft cocktail ready to tempt you.

They look impressive and chances are that if they’re mixed by bearded hipster bartenders, they’ll come with an impressive price tag too.

So, what makes craft cocktails different from other cocktails?

When you think about a cocktail, you’re most likely picturing a craft cocktail.

Daiquiri? Moscule mule? French 75?

They’re all craft cocktails.

Created with premium liquor and the best local ingredients, every element in a craft…

Image of Cocktail Collective cocktail ingredients and cocktail making.
Image of Cocktail Collective cocktail ingredients and cocktail making.
Get creative with your cocktail ingredients and garnish to perfection.

Whether you’re looking to gather the girls, supply a dinner party icebreaker, or switch up date night; getting creative (or even a little competitive) with cocktails is a great way to mix up the fun…and better yet, it’s really easy!

Step 1: Choose fun or flavoursome ingredients to rim your glasses.

Grab a couple of saucers and lay out your chosen ingredients. Rimming the glass can be as simple or as creative as you like. Mix and match with citrus, sugar and salt, or add some sprinkles or edible glitter for an extra special touch. The options are endless…


Cocktail Collective

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