5 Best Birthday Party Themes

Cocktail Collective
5 min readMay 20, 2021


We’re of the opinion that if there are no cocktails, there’s no party.

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean your birthday parties have to be less fun. All you need for a memorable party is a few go-to cocktail recipes, all the ingredients you need at your fingertips, and a little cocktail party theme inspiration. With so many possibilities, we’ve rounded up our top five themed cocktail party ideas to get you on your way

Mexican Fiesta party

Image of Cocktail Collectives Margarita
Cocktail Collective’s Margarita

If you’re dreaming of the resorts of Cabo, or the sunsets of Cancun, take a figurative trip with a Mexican Fiesta themed party. A Mexican themed party is all about bright colours, margaritas, tacos, salsa dancing, and more margaritas. In case you hadn’t guessed, we think you just can’t beat sipping on a crisp, cold margarita while enjoying all that a Mexican party has to offer.

For something a little more unexpected than tacos and tortillas, serve your amigos Baja shrimp (they’ll always be prawns to us) and homemade churros. Enjoy, compadres!

Drinks By The Pool party

Image of Cocktail collectives Beachcomber
Cocktail Collective’s Beachcomber

There’s something about sitting near a body of water that makes cocktails taste better. Whether you’re lounging poolside, or dreaming of summer, the Beachcomber is the ultimate warm-weather drink.

Not for the faint hearted, the tropical cocktail blends white rum, triple sec and cherry liqueur with premium lime juice. Topped with a delicious blood orange garnish, Beachcombers are perfect for poolside lounging and with an easy-to-follow recipe card, pre-measured ingredients, and a spirit measure to make mixing easy, they will certainly impress.

Taking its cues from all things summer — citrusy, refreshing, and fun — a lemon drop martini on a hot summer day is what summer sipping is all about! With a martini in one hand and a grilled prawn in the other, your pool party just became full of possibility.

Whatever craft cocktail tickles your tastebuds, simply roll your bar cart out to your poolside perch and find salvation via a pool-drink combo.

Decadent Great Gatsby party

Image of Cocktail Collectives Daiquiri
Cocktail Collective’s Daquiri

If you love all things jazz, flappers, gangsters and Prohibition — then you’ll want to host your own lavish, Gatsby-inspired soiree. Many of the era’s popular tipples are still in demand today, like the bubbly French 75, Daquiri and the ever-popular Martini.

Kick-off the evening with an effortlessly sophisticated French 75. Deliciously simple and beautiful to behold, this gin-based cocktail, topped with French bubbles and a Maraschino cherry garnish is an impressive celebration cocktail. We’ve made the French 75 quick to prepare and elegant to serve, so you can escape the kitchen and enjoy your celebration.

For the rum lovers, you can’t go past a Daquiri. This Jazz Age bevvy is a classic blend of white rum, lime and Gomme syrup giving you that delicious balance of citrus and sweet.

Pull out the chaise lounge, sip on a Lemon Drop Martini, hit play on a jazz and electro-swing playlist, close your eyes, and you could almost believe you were in the roaring 20s.

Hamptons Garden Party

Image of Cocktail Collectives Moscow Mule
Cocktail Collective’s Moscow Mule

New York’s Hamptons evokes visions of hedonistic celebrities and unapologetic flaunting of wealth. Holiday-makers celebrate the region’s luxuriant gardens, coastal vistas, and striking sunsets with as much gusto as they partake in the social scene.

To transport your guests into the home of summertime chic, create a Hamptons style garden party with turf lawn, white-on-white resort style attire, and Hamptons style decor. The Hamptons culinary scene is grand yet relaxed, with abundant platters and tasteful buffets of fresh, local and seasonal produce. With a side of show-stopping cocktails, of course.

For a craft cocktail that looks like a garden party in a glass, serve up a Moscow Mule in traditional copper mugs. It’s delightfully fizzy and chilled, making it perfect for warm days.

When it comes time for a sundowner or a signature drink to cap off an amazing day and transition into the evening, don’t forget the Margarita lovers in your life.

No birthday party is complete without the obligatory toast to the guest of honour. Say it in style with a French 75 in-hand and leave your guests feeling as though they have been thoroughly indulged from start to finish.

Bourbon and Bluegrass BBQ

Image of bourbon Old Fashioned by Cocktail Collective
Cocktail Collective’s Bourbon Old Fashioned

This birthday party theme is perfect for the man in your life, even the one who doesn’t realise his beloved bourbon makes a great craft cocktail. The great thing with this theme is that you can get as hillbilly or as hipster as you like.

Add in a few rustic elements and up the Southern charm by streaming some acoustic country music while you and your guests sit around an open fire sipping on a Bourbon Old Fashioned. Evoking the Ole South should carry through to your choice of mouth-watering food — consider serving Bourbon BBQ glazed pork chops, smoky BBQ ribs, pulled pork sliders, Cajun spiced nuts, and Tex Mex chicken skewers.

Get your orange peels and cocktail sticks at the ready and serve up a Negroni in a whiskey tumbler as your party begins to wrap up. Okay, it’s not bourbon but it’s still whiskey appreciation and that can’t ever be a bad thing, right?

Feeling a little underwhelmed with the standard rotation of drinks at your birthday parties? We don’t blame you. After trying out a few ideas from this list, your guests will be wishing it was their birthday all year long.