Cocktail Collectives essential tools for Espresso Martini

Back in the late 1980s, it was a novel thought that vodka and espresso could work together. Thirty years on and it’s surprising this compatible combo weren’t blended together sooner!

So how did this icon of late night revelry come about? Well, it was created by UK bar-tending guru Dick…

Image of bourbon Old Fashioned by Cocktail Collective
Cocktail Collective’s Old Fashioned

A cocktail so original, it has its very own glass named after it.

The name Old Fashioned is said to have been coined at a gentleman’s club in Louisville, Kentucky in 1881. …

When we think about going camping, cocktails don’t tend to be the first thing to spring to mind.

But as we come into winter, indulging in a glamping experience rather than traditional camping is incredibly appealing.

So, while we’re looking at creating a more indulgent camping experience, why not make…

Try out this Old Fashioned cocktail recipe and recreate this classic cocktail in only 3 minutes…Quick, easy, and most importantly delicious!

Old Fashioned.

It’s getting cold outside. For a warm, fiery balance of bitters and blood orange, you can’t go past an Old Fashioned.

Cocktail Collective’s Old Fashioned Recipe

There’s a reason this old school classic is undergoing a revival. Our master mixologist worked hard perfecting this recipe.

1) Combine into your glass:

- 1 maraschino cherry

- 1 part Gomme syrup

- 1 part bitters

2) Muddle by repeatedly pressing ingredients together in the bottom of the glass to release flavours.

3) Fill your glass with ice and add:

- 3 parts bourbon

- 1 part triple sec

4) Stir your ingredients together.

5) Garnish with a slice of freeze-dried blood orange and a cherry popped on top.

Cocktail Collective’s Classic Cocktail Box

When it comes to gift-giving, most of us tend to fall back on the predictable old standbys of flowers and chocolate.

Which is cool — if you’re ok with boring and unimaginative.

But if you’re ready to up your gift-giving game, it’s time to shake and stir things up with…

We’re of the opinion that if there are no cocktails, there’s no party.

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean your birthday parties have to be less fun. All you need for a memorable party is a few go-to cocktail recipes, all the ingredients you need at your fingertips, and…

Say goodbye to traditional BBQ fare and say hello to the gourmet BBQ cocktail party.

That’s what you’ll be doing next time you crank up the BBQ for your next big occasion. …

Necessity is the mother of invention. This is certainly true for the Moscow Mule!

Image of Cocktail Collectives Moscow Mule
Cocktail Collective’s Moscow Mules

One fateful day in 1939, John G Martin sat himself down in an LA bar, the Cock ’n’ Bull. He had bought the US rights to Smirnoff vodka but was struggling to sell it because vodka was not a popular spirit on the American market at the time. …

Why is it we always use 5 pm as an excuse to have a drink?

Like it’s not acceptable any earlier in the day?

It’s time to bust this myth.

From afternoon to late night, there’s a cocktail or three to suit.

Next time it’s only 2 pm and you…

Not sure what to get your boyfriend, brother or father?

You’re not alone if you struggle to come up with unique gift ideas for the men in your life. At one time or another, we’ve all come up short in the gift stakes for our partner, father or brother.

Struggle no more, as we’ve put together the ultimate list of…

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