How to host a gourmet BBQ cocktail party!

Cocktail Collective
2 min readMay 20, 2021

Say goodbye to traditional BBQ fare and say hello to the gourmet BBQ cocktail party.

That’s what you’ll be doing next time you crank up the BBQ for your next big occasion. Pair your favourite cocktails with a BBQ tasting menu to offer your guests a completely new culinary experience, and leave them in awe of your cocktail brilliance.

Here’s the scoop on how to impress friends and family by hosting your very own gourmet BBQ cocktail party with a little help from Cocktail Collective.


Cocktail Collective’s French 75

Start off light and welcome your guests with a glass of classic French 75 while they graze off fruit, cheese and antipasto platters. Relaxed, sophisticated and decadent, it’s the perfect starter for the smorgasbord ahead.

Follow up with a refreshing Moscow Mule while serving salads, noodles and sides. This is the perfect cocktail match for a light entree and a great way to ease your guests into the next stage of your gourmet BBQ cocktail party.


Cocktail Collective’s Beachcomber

Introducing the main course, considering matching seafood with a Beachcomber to continue the beach vibe, giving your guests a taste of summer all year round.

For a change of pace (and cuisine), consider including Mexican influences into your gourmet BBQ menu. Nachos, burritos and tacos are the perfect match for the ever-popular Margarita, plus they make a great addition to any BBQ.

To satisfy the carnivores, serve your meat dishes with a Bourbon Old Fashioned. A great choice for all BBQ meats, this is particularly suited to pork ribs, juicy steak and a good old spit roast.


Image of Cocktail Collectives Lemon drop Martini
Cocktail Collective’s Lemon Drop Martini

Have a breather as you move into dessert, inviting your guests to finish off their gourmet BBQ cocktail party with an impressive Lemon Drop Martini, the quintessential dessert cocktail.