How To Host The Perfect Hens

cocktail collectives french 75 ready for a hens night
Cocktail Collective’s French 75

There’s a definite thrill in being asked to host your bestie’s hens party.

While there’s the thrill of excitement in being given this honour, you may also be experiencing a rush of anxiety as you feel the weight of expectation on your shoulders.

A hens night is one of the most memorable occasions on the path to the wedding. It comes with a whole host of expectations, from the bride herself and from her invited guests. From the venue through to the food and drinks, right through to the choice of party games, you may be feeling the pressure that comes with wanting to host the perfect hens.

Take a deep breath. In and out.

We’re here to help you host the best hens ever, guaranteed to tick all the boxes and leave only pleasant memories in the minds of the bride and her honoured guests.

Here’s the Cocktail Collective’s guide to hosting the perfect hens.


Simple is always best. Hosting a celebration at home or hiring a room or hall for the hens makes things so much easier. Moving from venue to venue comes with the chance the party will be separated along the way. Let’s face it, there are always stragglers.

Choosing to hold a hens night in a single location takes the load off you as an organiser, with no need to arrange transport or stay on schedule. Keeping the party in one spot also gives you the chance to personalise the festivities, allowing you to decorate to impress.


Depending on the preference of the bride, theming the hens night can be the perfect way to celebrate. A strong theme can help tie everything together, flowing into the choice of drinks, food, games and glassware settings.

You can be as cheeky or as classy as you like. Anything goes from retro and 80s themed parties, or add a more subtle quality to proceedings by putting your spin on sophisticated, classy, vintage, or glamour.


Cocktail Collective’s Margarita

We may be biased here, but it’s not a true hens party without cocktails!

For glamour hens, choose the French 75, a mix of champagne, gin and lemon juice. The perfect celebratory cocktail, the French 75 is quick to prepare and elegant to serve, the ideal starter to any hens celebration.

Add colour and flavour with the Beachcomber. A great choice for retro-themed hens parties, this tropical favourite blends white rum, triple sec and cherry liqueur with premium lime juice. It looks amazing and is sure to boost the mood.

You can’t go past the Daiquiri for classic cocktail style. A delicious balance of citrus and sweet, the Daiquiri sets the mood for more subtle celebrations but can also take centre stage as the party moves into top gear.

Finally, whether your hens night is themed or not, consider the mighty Margarita. One of the world’s most-loved cocktails, reposado tequila and exquisite Hawkes Bay lime juice come together to create magic. If you want a party, the Margarita will bring it. Guaranteed.


With the drinks organised, it’s time to plan the games. Just like cocktails, a hens is not a true hens celebration without hilariously cringe-worthy party games. Here are a few of our favourites to add a sense of fun and frivolity to the night.

Toilet paper bridal dress — it’s cheap, cheerful and chaotic. Split the group into small teams, pick a ‘bride’ from each and get the other members to create a TP fashion masterpiece!

Pin the trunks on the hunks — like the classic kids’ game, blindfolded competitors take turns pinning trunks on various hunks. Guaranteed to generate the best kind of laughs.

Bride trivia — prepare trivia questions about the bride beforehand and get everyone to answer them. A great way to reminisce, bring people together and discover more about the bride.

Cocktail making contest — challenge everyone to have a go at creating their own cocktails, using ingredients from our cocktail boxes, with the bride choosing the winner.

Charades — give this classic party game a hens twist by focusing on chick flicks and rom-coms. Holding this later in the evening is sure to deliver some of the moments of the night!


With all the preparations required for a perfect hen, you don’t need the added pressure of producing a three-course meal for your guests. Keep things simple and get creative with nibbles, tapas, finger food, mini-dishes and sweet treats to keep up the energy stores of you and your bride-to-be.

Glassware & Decoration

Cocktail Collective’s Gomme syrup, Bitters and Triple Sec

To truly wow your guests, go the extra mile and serve their drinks and cocktails in distinctive glassware. It’s the little touches that add up to a whole lot of wow

  • Champagne flutes are a must for toasts and for presenting a classic French 75
  • Hiball glasses are the perfect choice for a vibrant Beachcomber
  • A martini glass highlights the beauty of the ever-popular Daiquiri
  • Margaritas deserve to be served in a dedicated margarita glass

If glasses are in short supply, personalise each one with a coloured ribbon so each guest can keep track of their own. This can also tie into the theme of the hens and enhance the decorations. Personalised stickers are another great way to keep tabs on glassware.

For an extra touch, gift a cocktail glass to each guest, bestowing a lasting memory of the best hens party they’ll ever attend!

Consider Cocktail Collective your party-planning partner, supplying all the cocktails needed to host an unforgettable event everyone will talk about long after the hens party has wrapped up.

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