Pair And Sip: Your Ultimate Guide To Cocktail And Food Pairing — Bourbon Old Fashioned

Cocktail Collective
2 min readMay 20, 2021


Image of bourbon Old Fashioned by Cocktail Collective
Cocktail Collective’s Old Fashioned

A cocktail so original, it has its very own glass named after it.

The name Old Fashioned is said to have been coined at a gentleman’s club in Louisville, Kentucky in 1881. The combination of muddled sugar and bitters, bourbon and citrus rind, however, has been a popular choice since the early 1800s.

So proud of its part in cocktail history, Louisville named the Old Fashioned as the city’s official cocktail in 2015. During the first two weeks of June each year, Louisville celebrates “Old Fashioned Fortnight”, a whole two weeks of events and celebrations based around this truly original cocktail.

A drink worth this much fanfare surely has to be included in your cocktail repertoire.

This mix of bourbon, bitters and blood orange, with just a hint of cherry thrown in to tease the senses, makes it a perfect slow-sipping drink.

When thinking of food pairings, the full-bodied flavours of darker spirits make them an excellent match for barbecued meats. For dessert, think about orange flavourings, or if nibbles are more your style, simply balance out the depth of the drink with salty snacks.

Check these out for some recipe inspiration:
Spicy, salty mixed nuts.

American style, marinated pork spare ribs.

Valencia orange, apricot and almond cake.

Old Fashioned is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking comfort and warmth.

So sit back, sip and enjoy a classic blend of bourbon and sumptuous citrus, topped with delicious blood orange and cherry garnish.