Unique Gift Ideas for Men.

Not sure what to get your boyfriend, brother or father?

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6 min readMay 20, 2021

You’re not alone if you struggle to come up with unique gift ideas for the men in your life. At one time or another, we’ve all come up short in the gift stakes for our partner, father or brother.

Struggle no more, as we’ve put together the ultimate list of unique gift ideas for men. Surprise him with a gift guaranteed to delight. While these ideas will cost more than your standard pair of socks, his reaction when you give them to him will be worth every penny.

Ready? Let’s do this!

Stylish Wooden Valet Box

image of wooden valet box

Bring some order into his life with a handcrafted organisation station. Personalised with his name, this station has a place for everything — phone, wallet, watch, keys, glasses, coins, cards, pens and more. With an inbuilt dock included to charge devices, this is a stylish, practical and unique gift he is sure to use and guaranteed to love

Virtual Reality Headset

Image of Virtual Reality Headset

For something completely different, and a whole lot of fun, bring some advanced tech into his life. Virtual reality headsets are big business and deliver an experience like no other. From the comfort of home, he can explore new worlds, experience amazing adventures and leave the stress of life behind. Unique, fun and all kinds of awesome.

Tailor Made Cologne

Image of tailor made cologne

Fragrance may not be a big part of his life right now but that could be about to change. Designed exclusively for men, this kit includes everything needed to create a distinctively masculine fragrance to suit his individual style. Containing high-quality fragrant ingredients, gift him the ultimate in individuality and give him the chance to express his creative side.

Bourbon Old Fashioned

Image of Cocktail Collectives Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail Set
Cocktail Collective’s Bourbon Old Fashioned Cocktail Set

The perfect birthday gift to surprise and excite that hard-to-buy-for man in your life. He’ll be celebrating in style with an easy-to-mix box of classic Bourbon Old Fashioned cocktails delivered in a handsome presentation box with glasses. A beautifully blended mix of bourbon, bitters and blood orange, is a gift that deserves to be savoured.


Image of E scooter

If his daily commute is a drag, an electric commuter scooter could be the gift he’s been waiting for. Designed for convenient folding and storage, this no ordinary scooter, allowing easy transition from the pavement to public transport. Equipped with the same cruise control technology used in cars, this scooter will transform his commute and his life.

Smart Watch

Image of smart watch

Technology is moving so fast that smartwatches don’t even look like smartwatches anymore. This hybrid watch has all the functionality of a smartwatch but wraps it up in an attractive package. If your Dad doesn’t ‘do’ technology, this is the smartwatch for him. It oozes old school style while still delivering the monitoring and notification functions he’ll come to love.

Mini Drone

Image of mini drone

No-one really needs a drone until they have one. Then it’s game on. This mini-drone is the perfect introduction to the world of droning, with easy controls and connectivity. Capture aerial video and photos, explore the great outdoors and have a whole lot of laughs watching him get the hang of the controls. More than a gift — this is an experience!

Wireless headphones

Image of beats wireless headphones

Give him the gift of sound with a pair of noise-cancelling, state of the art wireless headphones. Bluetooth compatible and Alexa-enabled for voice access to music, information and more, these headphones will allow him to listen to anything, anytime and at any volume. With up to 20 hours of charge, keep him wired for sound and entertained all day long.

Grooming Set

Mens Grooming set

This is the perfect gift idea for the man who appreciates the underrated craft of manscaping. Featuring 100% natural, vegan-friendly beard oil and beard wash, portable grooming comb and stainless steel, Italian-made beard scissors, this grooming set is top shelf quality. Designed to help him look his best and maintain his appearance all year round.

Negroni Gift Set

A delicious amber blend of gin, rosso vermouth and amaro, a 2-serve cocktail that is accompanied by two beautifully weighted Schott Zwiesel tumblers, making it a gift he’s sure to love. Simply served over ice, this on-trend Italian cocktail delivers the goods, offering a uniquely presented cocktail gift for the discerning drinker.

Retro Desk Radio

Image of Retro music player

Appeal to the memories of his youth or introduce him to retro cool with this desk radio. Featuring a mix of traditional and modern technologies, there is nothing this unit can’t play. Equipped with a turntable, CD player, AM/FM radio, cassette player plus AUX, MP3 and Bluetooth connectivity, this vintage-inspired music centre is a great gift, whatever his age.

Watch Display Box

Image of a watch display box

If timepieces are his thing, then a beautifully constructed display box for his favourite watches may be the gift you’re looking for. With display boxes available to house 3, 4 and 5 watches, this showcases timepieces to perfection. Personally engraved with his initials, this gift will wow him with its craftsmanship and totally make his day.

Winter Cocktail Gift Set

Image of Cocktail Collectives Ultimate Moscow Mule Cocktail Set
Cocktail Collective’s Ultimate Moscow mule Cocktail Set

An impressive cocktail set includes a Moscow Mule cocktail box, a set of 4 traditional Moscow Mule Mugs and a stylish 3-piece Omaha shaker. This ginger flavoured cocktail is the classic all-rounder, perfect for all climates and all occasions. Spicy, tangy and quick to prepare he’ll love showing off his cocktail skills in front of friends and family.

The Book of Everyone

Image of a personalised book

Whatever the milestone birthday, there is a personalised birthday book waiting for the special man in your life. Simply enter the details of his date of birth to order a completely unique, personalised gift full of wonderful snippets about the date he was born. Personalise with photos, messages and memories to make this a keepsake he’ll treasure for years.

Next time you’re looking for a gift for the man in your life, steer clear of the uninspiring socks and jocks.

Still don't know what to get your man?

There are unique alternatives out there, including a range of cocktail gift boxes that are guaranteed to surprise and delight him, whatever his age and taste